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ONO - Baja Hawaiian Cafe

A Cafe that seamlessly blends the Polynesian cuisine of Hawaii with the Mexican flavors or Baja. Sporting bright colors, detailed imagery and natural setting, ONO defines "delicious" of both worlds.

ONO Collateral6.png

When this project began, it was a challenge to find common ground between Baja and Hawaiian identities. On a deeper dive into art and language, a common thread of boxes and squares started to emerge as a means to create tapestries and patterns. 

Extending this idea into the pattern itself, a module was created using imagery, food and vocabulary to evoke unity and a unqiue visual quilt between Mexico and Hawaii.

The pattern can be broken down into icons and words to create posters and cup designs while the base squares are used for color injections as a common design language.

New Ono Payoff copy.jpg

From there, the menu was devised as a non traditional option, cutting a square on the diagonal and injecting the food itself with quirky twists such as Lunch Plate Nachos.

The Logo itself is an ambergram, reading the same whether it is read backwards or forwards. Several adjustments to the letterforms were created to achieve this affect seamlessly. It's fluid and natural look pays homage to the natural beauty of both cultures, while remaining clean and modern. 

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