Seaport Village 

Seaport Village is a charming tourist destination in San Diego California, sporting a shopping center of various local goods, restaurants and businesses. Situated on the harbor, it is a popular place to wander and soak in the sun.

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The biggest challenge outside of scope, was the heartfelt connection locals have to the property. So, using Cobalt Blue and Rust Orange as the main colors (inspired from minerals found in the bay) and a fish pattern that can be updated for future designs while still speaking to Seaport Village origins and history as a Harbor.

Upon auditing the current facility, one major problem presented itself; the property is extremely difficult to get to or be seen on surface street of downtown San Diego. 

While many opportunities presented themselves to fix this issue, one gaping hole proposed the most efficient potential to show off a fresh brand to the locals of the harbor, the trolley system.

Bus Stop Signage SPV.jpg

Updating the trolley stops with signage and colors is merely the first phase, developing into a more social media friendly local through custom benches that would then be used on property as well.

The designs and patterns can be translated to various environmental signage such as billboards, trolley wraps, posters and fliers to direct attention towards Seaport Village. A way finding system of directional and monument signs would continue the theme onto the property, and increasing community attendance with property events and daily commerce transactions.

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