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NWHN - National Women's Health Network

National Women's Health Network is an independent health care provider and advocacy organization that caters to women as a sister to Planned Parenthood. 

NWHN_Desktop copy.jpg

The CEO found the need to re brand their non-profit to connect their growth with their audience of independent  and strong women ages 15-32. 

Inspired by Saul Bass, the design revolves around color blocks and contrast, focusing on typoography for impact . The fonts chosen evoke strength and solidarity  with  a san serif, such as Gilroy , and Tiempos for a structured serif with a twist of personality.


One area of the Brand Audit that ended up being a key point, is the simplification and modernizing of the desktop and mobile version of the website. 

NWHN_Mobile copy.jpg
Young Girls Brochure 2.png

Instead of patterns and illustrations driving the graphic elements, strong photography is used to drive story and focus on the audience. 

Having women as the  center piece of the brand, a logo was developed that highlights a female profile in a continuous line,  drawing attention to the non profit name locked up to the right. The logo is applied to a series of collateral forms, taking advantage of the color blocks and asymmetrical elemtns of  the brand. Additional collateral  include buttons, name badges and fliers.

Logo Comparison.png

Finally, a brand manual was developed to ensure that future designers, leaders and purveyors of the NWHN will all experience the same level of professional representation and confidence.

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