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Gruff Magazine 

Gruff began as a way to tell the story of Bear culture without foraying into cliches or stereotypes of lumberjacks, muscle jocks and extreme aggro toxic masculinity.

SLarby_Gruff Payoff.jpg

As a lifestyle magazine, and voice for a niche demographic, it was important to portray these men, through every design tool available, in ways that were not traditional "male" poses. Embracing sensitivity, sensuality and expression.

In developing an identity for the edition, it was important the the logo and font both spoke to the cause of individual pride.

The logo was made in Freight for an edgy but contrary effect. Paired with Muli for its flexibility and openness, these play on personality make their debut throughout the covers and articles. Blenny makes its debut for that splash of sass.

Gruff Color Palette.jpg

Apart from exhilarating type and photography, the colors of the rainbow are extremely important as the main flag of the LGBTQ+ community. These are represented in the covers and slightly more vibrant tones.

It is important to keep the photography consistent, focusing intimate moments of expression. That way, each article can maintain its space but express itself through type and composition.

SLarby_Gruff Magazine_Redo2.jpg
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