You Were Meant For Me

(Also called "You Were Made for Me") is a Children's book created by Sheri Sturniolo. Hannah Pak, a friend and peer, illustrated the first book and when she could not do the extended versions, brought me on to pick up the pencil.


Focusing on the journey of families who cannot conceive naturally, it was important to create new versions that took in the gambit of audiences as well as keeping the style in line with what Hannah established.

A test round of sketches, to prove my ability to follow the brand guidelines set down , were essential and the kick off point for the books eventual 8 brand new versions!

Along with the original sketches came a development period for 10+ brand new characters designs for new families. New accessories and environmental elements were needed as well!


There were several background adjustments as well, in some creating brand new settings for particularly unique story sets.

Overall, the project expanded from one simple sequel to two, then three and with 6 full new versions which include Mom/Mom, Dad/Dad, IVF, Donor, Single Mom by choice and Surrogate. 

I'm Shay, a Graphic Designer and Illustrator nesting in San Diego, CA. I treat every project as unique stories waiting to be told, and since earning my Bachelor's in Studio Arts and Associates in Graphic Design, I have been exploring the world of design through illustration, branding, typography, environmental and editorial work. Let me know how I can help your story or brand come to life! 


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You Were Made For Me

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