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Laline Hotel

A serene hotel located in the picturesque valleys of Switzerland, combining the grace of Georgian elegance with the warm simplicity of Scandinavian minimalism.

The owner and her family saw the need to create a simple brand to convey their unique experience online as well as locally to invite travelers 25-40 who seek an authentic hospitality experience rooted in tradition and elegance.

Laline is inspired by Swiss design and the oppulence of French Georgian architecture. FS Sienna and Ivy Mode play off one another's similarities as thin, high contrast, san serifs; yet unqiue enough to be magnified and show off refined tails, and ligatures.

It was imparitive that the online presence was updated, reflecting he upscale retreat the owners wanted for international guests to peruse.

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A pattern was created based off the Alpine wildflowers before they bloom, the original illustration can be broken down to create a small organic dot, graceful intersecting lines and a smaller cutting of the main plant to be used as dividers and texture throughout the brand.

The logo is a natural cursive that loops around with a mono weight swash to give a signature feel, reflecting the authenticity of the hotel. It was written by hand then translated digitally to keep the modern feel.