Abhorsen Graphic Novel

The Abhorsen series is a wildly successful line of books written by Garth Nix. Throughout the years the covers have been changed, but the brand itself has never gotten any expansion in the way of official merchandise or special editions.

Process Shot Abhorsen.jpg

Given the unique nature of this project, a custom font was designed to reflect germanic calligraphy and a more elegant script era. It also incorporates a couple skulls and flourishes, speaking to the book aesthetic as well as an impactful title for a graphic novel.

Taking the established brand and translating it to a format that takes advantage of the comic trend, we are also making the book available to those not fond of traditional book formats.

A custom font "Old Kingdom Display" is an edited version of Cabazon, inspired by calligraphy and illuminated script to reflect the medieval / steampunk aesthetic of the book settings.

Old Kingdom Display

Additional custom flourishes and illustrations accompany the font to create titles for each individual book that can be translated to merchandise and collateral.

A more modern illustration style is used to contrast and soften the formal nature of the title, while still remaining accessible to younger readers. The designs are extended to a box set, book marks and a book bag that are exclusive releases for the series.