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Shay Larby

welcome to my portfolio, enjoy your stay!

Image by Sadie Esch-Laurent

Shay Larby (me) is a graphic designer and illustrator living in San Diego

My interest in art and design started when I was a kid, drawing Pokemon sketches - which I then sold at the playground for 25cents a piece. It was a simple start, but I made the connection between a 2D line drawing and an emotional response that made that squiggly lump of a Bulbasaur truly special to someone else. Ever since then, I've been fascinated by the ways in which humans interact with art and design.


There's a reason graphic design came from the greatest artistic minds of their respective movements - at the core of art and design, lies emotion and how to draw it out. Whereas one medium plays on concept, the other plays on function, but both rely on a human's well established instinct to interact with things that bring them joy. So, if I can draw out that joy for those around me, then those hard recess days pedaling my Charizard doodle will have been well worth it.


Nowadays, I specialize in whimsical & modern design, taking a concept right up to the edge and bringing it back for an interesting and compelling piece of work. When not designing, I illustrate other's literary works and am in the process of creating my own contribution to the children's book industry. 


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